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For Job Seekers

CleaningNZ is the only business that are focused to bring Employers and Employees of all the Cleaning Industries in Auckland together, in a place where we all speak the same language – Cleaning!

We understand that the desire of most staff is to find employment close to home, and this is why we are using Google maps so staff can exactly see what is available and where it is available.

If you can work only certain hours, or you prefer a specific Industry then you can make all those choices right from the Home page by using the “Categories”, “Job Types” & “Shifts” options.

Yes, the service is 100% free

We have made it as easy as possible for you to navigate through available jobs easily however we will not be able to find a job on your behalf.

You can do so by zooming in on the map to find opportunities close to home, or you can browse by Categories or Job Types on the Home page.

During the time of your application you must be in NZ and you must have the right to work here.

No. We understand that most cleaning staff don’t have a CV and we dont want to see good workers missing out on great opportunities. You can therefore only ad your previous work experience in your application.

Tap on the “For Candidates” link on top of the page, then “Browse Jobs”.

Enter your address in the “Location” section and hit “Search” and all the available jobs will show up. 

Adjust the “Radius” button to the maximum distance that you are willing to travel from home and  the results will automatically update.

If there are many jobs in the specific area, then you can filter further through options like “Job Type”, Rate” etc..

You need to create a profile first so that potential Employers can know who you are. 

There could be 2 reasons for this:

  1. If you did not follow the specific requirements during sign-up or when posting your resume, then it could be that your profile has not been approved until you fix the issues.
  2. If you are un-active for 30 days, then we will assume that you found a job, therefor your profile will go in sleep mode as a result. This means that the information will still be there but it will not be visible to employers. Once you become active, your profile will be live again.

The highest level of experience in the cleaning Industry.

If you didn’t work before, then your title would be “New to the work force”.

If you have worked before, but not in the cleaning Industry, then your title would be “New to the cleaning Industry”.

If you have worked in the cleaning Industry before, then your title would be for example Domestic cleaner, Commercial supervisor etc.

A short caption to quickly catch the attention of the reader, which may lead them to look further into your application.

The Resume letter is the most important part of your application as this is where potential Employers will go first, and if they see a lack of relevant information here, they may simply scroll further and you miss out on an opportunity.

It will be a mistake to rely only on your CV, because if your Resume content doesn’t catch their attention, they may not even reach the point to look at your CV or anything else for that matter. Keep it sweet and short. Only give enough, yet relevant information to get them interested in looking further at your application.


“I live in Manukau and I am looking for cleaning work in South Auckland. I have 2 years of Commercial cleaning experience and I am ideally looking for night shifts. Although the starting time can be flexible, I need to finish around 7am as I need to take my kids to school.

Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your consideration

John McDonald”

Employers will only see you if you are on the map. For this you need to create a profile so potential Employers can see your information.


This is when your application get highlighted in yellow and get sticky, meaning that it will stay on the top of other applications. This will give you more exposure and allow potential employers to see you first, which in turn will advance your changes of getting noticed.

There are 3 things you can do to become highlighted and attract more employers.

  • Profile Photo:

Have a clear head and shoulder photo without headwear or eyewear.

  • Resume Content:

Describe what shifts you are looking for (Day, Night, Early morning, Late afternoon, Part time, Full time etc. 

  • Experience:

Although experience is not important for most employers, they will still want to know if you are new to the workforce (willing to learn) or if you have experience in the cleaning industry. In if so, in which areas, for example Domestic cleaning, strip & seal, cleaning machinery etc.

Note: What you dont tell them, they will not know. It is not a good approach to think that you will tell them what they want to know in the interview, because with a lack of information you may not reach that stage.

Once completed, let us know and we will highlight your application.

Certainly the first priority is to apply for jobs that fit your circumstances. Employers can also look for specific people in specific areas, and this is how they may contact you as well.

Here are the most common turn-off points for Employers:

  1. Your profile don’t not have sufficient information or there are date-gaps in your Resume.
  2. If you ask for a higher rate than your qualification or experience can justify. 
  3. If you send a message as a quick alternative for an application. 
  4. If your Resume letter contains unpleasing content like “Hi, I am looking for a job”.
  5. If you give instructions to employers as to how, when or where they should contact you.

Contact us and we will delete all your data. Please note, the deletion is complete and permanent.

For Employers & Recruiters

You can advertise vacancies for as little as $13/month. View our rates here

Applications generally end up in your mailbox because the email address associated with your account is listed with the vacancy or in your ATS system via the application link.

As everyone else that are looking for something specific, job seekers scroll through many jobs and will only stop at something that catches their eyes. Therefore it is important to post a title that will tell them what they want to see.

Most cleaners are looking for specific industries in specific areas (normally close to home), so while they can filter specific jobs, it is important to mention this in your Job Title, for example “Domestic Cleaner – Pakuranga” or “Commercial Cleaner – Manukau.

If you hourly rate is above the minimum, then this will be the next thing you want to ad in the Job Title.

Early morning, Morning, Afternoon or Evening selections refer to part-time shifts that starts within the given timeframe, which normally last for a few hours.

“Dayshift” and “Nightshift” refers to full-time shifts.

If you have multiple options available or it doesn’t matter if staff start for example “Early morning” or “Afternoon”, then multiple options should be selected.

CleaningNZ focuses on providing work opportunities to people which are closer to their homes. Statistics have shown that these staff are most likely to stay longer with the specific company due to the savings of time and expenses, and this is a win-win situation for both employer and employee. The integration of the Geo Location Mapping System makes this easy for potential employees to see exactly what distance they may be from the next opportunity. 

If for example you are looking for staff in 2 suburbs, then you should advertise the jobs in each suburb. If the business is of such nature that your clients can be anywhere in Auckland, then you should advertise at least in each cardinal point, as accepted by  Google Maps.

If you would enter only “Auckland” as the location, then Google will default this to Auckland CBD and candidates around CBD may not see your job unless they are looking for work in CBD only. 

We cover the entire Auckland region, stretching from Pukekohe in the South till Te Hana in the North.

In the link “For Employers > My Dashboard”, you will find your list of positions advertised. Here you can use “Edit”, “Mark as filled/not filled”, “Duplicate” or “Delete” your posts. 

Of course! This will be emailed to you.