6 Things That Hurt a Residential Cleaning Business

A cleaning business for sale in Auckland may seem like a great business opportunity, but to those in the industry, it could be a sign that the cleaning services company is in trouble- or it’s a chance to increase an existing client base. The reality is that- it’s both, and may be an opportune time to clean up any problems in your home cleaning service to ensure that it stays a shining example of your empire.

Polish your house cleaning service till it shines

Issues that cause problems for residential cleaning services in Auckland

While it’s easy to say that the problems that arise are caused by cleaners, it’s important to dig a little deeper into the causes- whether they are directly related to cleaning workers or not. Start-ups and established companies can gain competitive advantage by looking closely at factors that affect how effectively their residential cleaning service manages problems:

  1. Poor communication arises from:
    • Customers who do not communicate with cleaners clearly.
    • Cleaning service supervisors who don’t take the time to share full details of the clients’ wants and needs.
    • Cleaners who want to get the job done without interference. It could be that they believe that they know better ways, or there could be language barriers.
  2. High staff turnover is widespread in the cleaning industries in Auckland. CleaningNZ is in regular contact with cleaners in Auckland who often say they resign for better pay or a job closer to home, but workers often decide for emotional reasons. According to Smartbrief, the reasons are:
    • 54% don’t feel valued by the company
    • 52% don’t feel valued by their superiors
    • 51% lack a sense of belonging at their job
  3. Training can prevent problems from arising and retraining can counter recurring issues.
  4. Systems that are geared towards solving problems before they arise are effective and cover:
    • Quality Assurance processes that deal with operational requirements and include eliminating inadequate cleaning practices.
    • Customer support systems that keep the line of communication with customers open.
  5. New technologies are starting to impact home cleaning and the gizmos now available can make cleaning services more efficient.
  6. Fierce competition amongst cleaning services in Auckland has resulted in cleaning packages with extras that customers find appealing. If their demands can’t be accommodated, the cleaning contract could be at risk.

What are the Problems with Cleaners that Affect Residential Cleaning Services?

An unhappy cleaner can cause clients to cancel their contract

The challenges experienced by home cleaners- who are at the coalface, are good indicators of the factors that need attention. These include:

  • Ineffective communication
  • Insufficient Cleaning Products
  • Dealing with disorganized homes
  • No list of chores to work from
  • Homeowners who clean before the cleaner arrives: it sounds like a blessing, but cleaners are left confused about what has been cleaned and what they need to do
  • Distractions, including children and pets that interfere, and homeowners who want to chat

The key to solving these issues is finding the right cleaner for specific households. Whether it’s special training, additional hours required, or simply matching cleaners to nearby jobs, CleaningNZ has people available that fit into diverse household requirements.

Ways to Grow Your Cleaning Business

The cleaning industries in Auckland provide vast opportunities. Finding- and making the most of them takes a few measures:

  • Word of mouth: A well-established principle is that a happy customer might tell a friend, but an unhappy one will tell the world. Keeping customers happy automatically advertises your business.
  • Guide your business strategy to ensure that your home cleaning service is running efficiently and process any data available to benchmark your offering.
  • Ensure that your cleaners are the best match for the clients’ needs by advertising on a budget on CleaningNZ.
  • Keep knocking on doors: Not everyone will sign up at first contact, but extending your reach is as important as keeping prospective customers informed of your services.
  • Polish your Google business profile, and make sure that potential customers can find you easily.
  • Network online and in person. Often contracts are awarded based on relationships.

Stay ahead of the competition by ensuring that your product- cleaners, are the best that Auckland can offer.

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TAKEAWAYS: Things that Hurt a Residential Cleaning Business

  • Poor communication
  • High staff turnover
  • Training issues
  • Quality Assurance and customer support systems that are ineffective
  • New technologies are not implemented
  • Fierce competition