Effective Strategies for Effective Savings

Reducing Staff Recruitment Costs in the Commercial Cleaning Industries in New Zealand

Attracting the right talent is expensive. With a quarterly staff resignation rate in the cleaning industries in New Zealand of 25% according to Figure.co.nz, finding staff without breaking the budget has become key to maintaining contracts effectively. And keeping within the budget restraints of contracts is a lot harder when staff turnover is high.

Finding cleaners in Auckland

Gaining access to a network of cleaning staff remains challenging. Where do cleaners hang out? By reaching out to the right people who can fill job specs a database of available cleaners can be established but is forever changing. As people move around and their availability is not always guaranteed. 

Finding cleaners who are right for the job, who are available for work opportunities, and who can get to work on time without obstacles such as long traveling times, or high transport costs is fundamental. For cleaners finding jobs nearby in Auckland is a priority second only to finding what cleaning jobs pay the most.

The reality is that there are always numerous cleaners looking for jobs and many of these will be able to meet the criteria. Understanding where they are seeking will better position employers and agents to reach out in the right places.

Best Platforms to Advertise Cleaning Jobs in Auckland

The best places to find cleaners are the places where they will be able to find you. Often, large volumes of irrelevant ads are a big turn-off to cleaners who don’t necessarily have the time, patience, or – given that New Zealand’s mobile data is the third most expensive in the world (per gigabyte), the money. A job board that fits into the cleaning niche is ideal and attractive to job seekers, which means that they look for work where they can find it efficiently.

Especially if you are recruiting specialty cleaners or trained cleaning workers in Auckland, the platform must be able to cater to these needs.

A small comparative sample:

CleaningNZ.co.nz Commercial, Industrial, Housekeeping, General  Cleaning, Domestic   From $27     Jobs nearby me
Seek.co.nz Main categories (eg Housekeepers  in Hospitality)   Occasional: $92 Regular: $145 Frequent: $275 Within 50km
Adzuna.co.nz General   $99 for 30 days Postcode
Jobmonster.co.nz General (Main categories) Basic: Free Standard: $100   By City
Myjobspace.co.nz General (Main categories) Free trial Annual membership: $1,597+GST   By suburb

It’s all about honing in on the specifics that cleaners are looking for. And meeting them where they are. It’s the most effective strategy to being seen by the right people without exceeding the ad spend budget.

Making the Most of a Job Post

Getting enough responses from a job post for cleaners takes a bit of work before the ad is posted. It’s the little details that are vital.

Top of the to-do list is to keep in mind who you are advertising to and write an ad that not only appeals to that person, but that gives enough detail to avoid a deluge of applications from unsuitable candidates. On the detail, the prospective applicant must understand- in as few words as possible:

  • The demands of the job
  • What the pay and perks are (even company BBQs can be persuasive)
  • Hours of work
  • Skills, training, and experience required
  • How far away from home is the job?

Once these basics are established, the proverbial carrots can be thrown in. Addressing the problems that many cleaners endure can be as simple as listing:

  • Safety: Are hazmat uniforms provided, and what efforts are made to keep them safe in the workplace
  • Managers: Often a reason for leaving, if the manager is an awesome good guy, it’s an incentive to apply
  • Additional shifts: Most people will willingly work overtime- as long as they are remunerated.

The last step before publishing is to preview your ad. If the fields have been efficiently set up on the job board, the advertisement will be a crisp clean, readable tool to reach cleaners effectively.

Getting job interview questions covered before the interview

Once applications come rolling in, work on a shortlist begins. Understanding who to leave off the list requires insight into non-negotiables like work permit issues (a compulsory field for applicants on CleaningNZ), lack of experience, or long distances between home and work.

CleaningNZ covers the basic issues by ensuring that applicants have registered and the details are all at hand. Once you have decided on the critical factors, it’s a quick and easy process to develop a short list, knowing that of the cleaners in Auckland, you have various options to choose from. Without yet asking the questions. 

More effective strategies for effective saving in the process of recruiting cleaners in New Zealand

Aside from reducing money spent on job boards, there are ways and means that will streamline budgets. These include:

  • Using social media accounts like Facebook to get your message heard. CleaningNZ also has a dedicated group page (Auckland Cleaning Jobs) here.
  • Encourage employee referral: Many cleaners have friends in the same industry and know the right people for specific job specifications if they can’t fill the requirements.
  • Online interviews can save time and money, but one needs to use these judiciously as not all cleaners in Auckland have access to Teams or Zoom.
  • Understand what talent wants. And ensure that your message remains consistent from the advertisement through the job interview and final selection process. Where there are add-ons and adjustments along the way, be sure to communicate these.

The most effective strategy starts with finding a suitably priced job board that can reach your target audience. But it doesn’t end there. Getting value for money by having future opportunities to advertise that package deals offer if things don’t work out, not wasting time and money on unsuitable candidates, and using a platform that matches the right person to the right job are invaluable cost savers.

TAKEAWAYS: Effective Strategies for Effectively Saving Recruitment Costs

  • Meet the cleaners where they are: Finding the right people means finding where are most likely to hear about the vacancy, be it on Facebook or on the website.
  • Understand what talent wants
  • Use the best job board available for the position, ensuring it has the right reach
  • Write your advertisement clearly and make sure important details are included
  • Use social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to get the word out
  • Encourage employee referrals