A Cleaner Website For Cleaning Products

Cleaning products shouldn’t be a hard sell. But competition in this market is stiff, and new products are being developed all the time. Increasing reliance on digital devices means that we are exposed to more advertising than ever before, but – as a seller, we need to be on top of our game. A good website is the window to our business and must be easy to access, navigate, and facilitate sales of cleaning products.

I-site is recognised as a good website but on the other end, there is such a thing as the useless web. It’s an actual thing and Yahoo News also lists some websites that waste time. Positioned between visiting beautiful places in New Zealand or wasting time on the internet, an e-commerce website needs to reach its target market and provide useful information to the reader.

CleaningNZ is an e-commerce site that constantly tests the waters, and is always looking for ways to provide a better user experience (UX). Aside from user testing, we stay on top of what is happening in the market in real life, through regular engagement with cleaners and employers in the cleaning industry. And we offer an essential link between our clients in the Auckland job market.

Build A Cleaning Products Website

Many platforms offer designs to build the bones of a website. WordPress, Wix, and Shopify are all platforms that offer different configurations as do many others. Do some research into the platform that will work best for your purposes. This may also mean finding a web developer to build a website, and maintain it once it is up and running. It’s a fast growing industry but there are a few suggestions on Moneyhub that could help get you started.

Website Design

When a cleaning supply website owner sells a product individually, the customer must get as much useful information as possible, so that the product sold is not misused. The same rules apply to the web. Mixing certain cleaning chemicals can be dangerous if not life-threatening, and someone could end up hurt or even worse. 

A good cleaning supplies website should include and have posted MSDS literature on every chemical they sell.  An MSDS page or sheet is an acronym for material safety data sheet.  This literature states what ingredients go into a cleaning compound and what to do if an emergency arises related to the chemical. Specific laws make it illegal for some businesses to use a chemical without having an MSDS cleaning sheet at the location, but with the private use of a cleaning chemical, this is not true.  When using cleaning chemicals for private use, it is a smart idea to have a cleaning MSDS on hand for your personal safety and well-being.

What features does an excellent cleaning supplies website contain?

There are so many different topics when it comes to cleaning. The first question you must ask yourself is cleaning what?  We clean everything, as human beings we are taught from our early childhoods to keep everything clean and put things away when we are done with them. The question then becomes why? Why do humans need everything to be neat and clean, and in order? 

As a species, human beings need direction and routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle it seems. If things are not clean and organized, this can disrupt our daily routine. How does this come into play with what makes a good cleaning supplies website? Firstly, before you can sell something to an individual, it always helps to give them useful information on what they are buying and how to use it. 

A majority of cleaning and janitorial supply websites just list products and hope that you will purchase their items. When people make a purchase, they want to know what they’re getting, how to use it, and how it compares to other similar products. Are they getting the best deal, and is it the right product for the situation? In the cleaning supplies industry, there are a lot of chemicals that are sold to help us clean. Some cleaning chemicals are dangerous and others are not so critical, but it is a good idea to make cleaning chemical instructions clear and comprehensive.

Website content

The words on the website must be engaging, but must also reflect the values and ethos of the cleaning business. Google Adsense can help to give insight into keywords that are popular search terms. Using the right words and phrases helps your website rank higher on google, and helps get you found.

Custom-made content can also be written or sourced. Freelance content writers are available on sites like Fiverr and are often highly negotiable. Bear in mind that not all content writers are equal, so ask questions, and ask them for examples or a test article before you sign up for a contract.

To test content, you could run an Adsense campaign, or use any of the software available to indicate the value of content. The proof is in the pudding, so Google Analytics which shows statistics such as traffic to your site can be an extremely valuable business tool.

Cleaning Directories and Forums

Another good trait of a successful cleaning and janitorial supplies website is to include cleaning forums and cleaning directories. Cleaning supply forums are an excellent opportunity for your customers to share ideas and let each other know which cleaning supplies work for specific situations. An excellent cleaning site webmaster will also give input on these forums and help answer perspective buyers’ questions. 

By offering a cleaning directory, cleaning services and individuals who operate cleaning-related businesses can promote their services, which helps them to sell more, which in turn boosts your website to sell more. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media can also help to bring visitors to your site.

Webmasters for many cleaning supplies websites advise janitorial sites to give useful and accurate information to their clients.  Providing cleaning safety information and knowledge about the products available gives a cleaner look to the web pages, and adds credibility.  Help make the world a cleaner and safer place by giving your clients solid and useful information. No useless web- unless you have the time to waste.