Cleaning and Maintenance Franchises Offer New Business Opportunities

Kiwis love franchises. A March 2022 article in the New Zealand Herald reveals that New Zealand’s franchising industry is worth almost $37 billion. And a 5% increase is projected by 2025, bringing this sector to 15% of the total GDP. It seems that when provided a startup opportunity, a franchise is preferable to a traditional business for sale.

Despite being a relatively new way to do business (it’s been around here for about 60 years), New Zealand has a strong franchise governing body, the Franchise Association of New Zealand. According to the association, franchising is a proven and dynamic method, providing opportunities for Kiwis to start their own business fully trained and equipped, but with the backup of a proven brand product and system behind them.

As a work from home option, franchising can be a business that fits into the franchisees’ lifestyle and provide a decent ROI. But there is a lot of homework to be done before making the final decision. If you are considering a cleaning or maintenance franchise, keep in mind that you will have to find the right staff, which can be challenging. CleaningNZ is a job board that can help in your search.

Benefits Of Franchising

Startup Cleaning and maintenance franchise opportunities are perfect for entrepreneurs who’d like to work from home in a new business. There are several home-based business opportunities in the cleaning industry. Most people who get into the cleaning business start their new business from home. However, with capital to invest, it’s a lot easier to purchase a franchise name, as the brand is already known.

For example, who would you feel more comfortable letting in your home, some guy with his own carpet cleaning machine, or someone who runs a Servicemaster carpet cleaning business? This is the power of a franchise name.

The great thing about cleaning and maintenance franchise opportunities is that there will always be a demand for them. Actually, because of heightened awareness of the toxins that are accumulating in homes, more people every day are turning to professional cleaners to make sure their house environment is safe. With this increase in demand, comes an increase in the likelihood of finding the franchise opportunity that will bring you profit.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Franchise

Ask a lot of questions. Don’t just ask the franchisor, but ask existing franchisees about their experiences. It’s also a good opportunity to measure yourself against the existing franchisees to see if you have what it takes. Also, ask as many people as you can about their experience with the brand, and find out if they would make use of your franchise if you bought one.

Cleaning is a lot like opening a barber or a lawn service company; these are services people always need and want. When choosing a franchise opportunity, franchisees should focus on their customer’s needs and not their wants. Once you realize how to market to people’s needs, everything else just seems to come into place. Cleaning and Maintenance services are needed no matter the state of the economy and are sensible new business opportunities.

Franchising Rules And Regulations

Global Franchise magazine notes that New Zealand does not currently have any specific law that regulates franchising, but some laws mention or involve franchising.

The Franchise Association of New Zealand has a code of conduct that offers guidelines that include:

  • Providing a disclosure document 14 days before a franchise agreement is signed.
  • A seven-day cooling-off period.
  • They encourage prospective franchisors to get legal and financial advice.
  • A simple dispute resolution process is available.
  • They provide a platform to complain about a member.
  • Continued adherence to the code of practice and the code of ethics is required to remain a member.

Does The Franchisee or Franchisor Employ Cleaners And Maintenance staff?

Generally, franchise agreements provide that the franchise, and the franchisee, are responsible for employing and paying staff. Most franchise brands will give guidance and staff training but employees remain the domain of the franchisee.

Franchises Available In New Zealand

While we are not endorsing any particular franchise, it’s worth looking into these startup opportunities, and others:

In conclusion, the cleaning and maintenance industry is growing and is perfect for people who have an interest in things related to this industry. By understanding the importance of choosing the right franchise name, and having reliable customer support in a new business, you have the best chance of success.

In addition to a robust business model, you will make a wise decision if you invest in the right cleaning and maintenance franchise opportunity rather than simply buy into an existing business for sale.